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“Lore within Lore”

                By Al Éxito |drēm|sēd|

Al Éxito is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging and advancing Latinx youth and their families' lives by providing knowledge, resources, and skills to create an equitable future.

|drēm|sēd| is Al Éxito’s youth-led business that partners with Spanish-speaking businesses to promote Latino community philanthropy. Student leaders gain valuable hands-on entrepreneurial skills developing products for business and taking them to market.

Lore within Lore is |drēm|sēd|’s back story to the 75 Years of Iowa Art exhibit from a Latinx student perspective. Student artists reflect on the different sections within the exhibit and created a piece that expands the era and motif with their representation of history and imagery that is often overlooked by the general population.

There is a second story hidden within the lore, paying homage to a Latina artist whose death remains questionable.

Follow our migration through the exhibit.

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